Road Trip Radio Report: Overnight Road Trip to Fernandina Beach, FL; 18/19 March 2023

What do you do when you live in Savannah and don’t really care about St Patrick’s Day? You get out of town. My folks wanted to visit a family friend in Fernandina Beach over the weekend, so I drove them down on Saturday. They didn’t want to go down and come back all in the same day, so we stayed in Kingsland overnight before coming back to Savannah on Sunday afternoon. I didn’t have a lot of radio time due to it being a family rip and the weather was dismal on Saturday, so I didn’t hear much during this trip. I didn’t have KF4LMT Mobile, either; we took their car, so I used a Uniden BCD436HP with small mag mount antenna to listen with on the drive down.

A shrimp boat, Brown Pelicans, and a Cormorant along the St Johns River (during one of the few times Saturday that it wasn’t raining!)

Amateur Radio

Since I wasn’t driving KF4LMT Mobile, I took along my Anytone 878. I didn’t hear but a few repeaters, but the 442.900 SARNet repeater in Yulee and the 442.625 Kingsland DMR repeater were active. On Sunday morning before packing up, I had a good QSO with Pete, K4QHR on the DMR repeater.

147.0000- (PL 127.3) - Callahan
442.9000+ (PL 127.3) - Yulee (SARNet)
444.6250+ (DMR CC3) - Kingsland


I didn’t hear any MilCom during this trip, but there was a good bit of Coast Guard and Marine VHF traffic. Sector Jacksonville was active on CG 111, CG 412, Marine VHF Ch 16, and Marine VHF Ch 22. Naval Station Mayport Port Control was active on Marine VHF Ch 12, and Jacksonville Pilots was active on Marine VHF Ch 14.

156.8000 - Marine VHF Ch 16
157.1000 - Marine VHF Ch 22
162.3250 ($293) - CG 111, Sector Jacksonville
412.9750 ($293) - CG 409, Sector Jacksonville Air Ops

156.6000 - Marine VHF Ch 12; Mayport Port Control
156.7000 - Marine VHF Ch 14; Jacksonville Pilots
156.6500 - Marine VHF Ch 13; St Johns River Navigation Safety

Public Safety

Public Safety-wise, I heard traffic from Camden and Charlton counties in Georgia and Duval and St Johns County in Florida. We had dinner at a restaurant on the St Johns River in northern Duval County and with the curvature of the coast I had excellent handheld reception of the St Johns County P25 TRS.

St Marys P25 TRS
 TG 2001 - Camden County FD Dispatch

158.4225 (DCS 364) - Camden County FD Dispatch
154.1900 (PL 118.8) - Charlton County VFD North Dispatch
First Coast P25 TRS
 TG 1087 - Jacksonville Fire/Rescue A2 Dispatch
 TG 149 - JFRD A-4 Suppression

St Johns County P25 TRS 
 TG 10000 - St Johns County Fire/Rescue A1 Dispatch
 TG 10620 - NPS Fort Matanzas

159.2400 (PL 97.4) - Florida Forestry Commission Jacksonville

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