Exercise Agile Flag 22-2 at the Savannah CRTC/Air Dominance Center

Correction: Yesterday, I had the 317th AW and the 315th AW confused and thought that a C-17 going into Hunter AAF may have been Agile Flag related. Now that I realize that I was confusing the two units, the C-17, WEEK 99 is likely not related and the C-130, AEGIS 71 definitely is related. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

From 20-28 July, Exercise Agile Flag 22-2 will be taking place out of the Georgia Air National Guard’s Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC)/Air Dominance Center (ADC) at Savannah-Hilton Head IAP. This exercise is part of the certification process for the 23rd Wing from Moody AFB to become a “Lead Wing.” Aircraft from the 23rd Wing including HC-130s from the 71st RQS and A-10s from the 75th FS have arrived today as well as F-16s from the 77th FS at Shaw AFB. Today’s arrival and active frequencies were:

KING 31 (HC-130J, 12-5768, 71st RQS)
KING 32 (HC-130J, 13-5790, 71st RQS) 
ATTACK 0# (A-10C, 23rd Wing)
BANZAI 0# (A-10C, 75th FS)
SHARK 0# (A-10C, 75th FS)
GAMBLER 4# (F-16CM, 77th FS) 
AEGIS 71 (C-130J, 08-5686, 317th AG); support flight?
WEEK 99 (C-17A, 09-9207, 437/315th AW); Agile Flag related?

119.100/257.800 - Savannah-Hilton Head IAP Tower
124.975/279.575 - Hunter AAF Tower
120.400/353.775 - Savannah TRACON
125.300/371.875 - Savannah TRACON
118.400/307.225 - Savannah TRACON

253.200 - CRTC/ADC; 75th FS "SHARK Ops"
138.625 - CRTC/ADC; "FALCON Ops" (77th FS Ops?)
225.450 - 71st RQS Ops. Air-to-Air for KING 3#
138.150 - 75th FS Air-to-Air
141.400 - 75th FS Air-to-Air
277.225 - 77th FS Air-to-Air
225.750 - 165th AW Ops (AEGIS 71)

I’m not 100% sure that AEGIS 71 is related to the exercise, but it arrived at Savannah this morning and left this afternoon to go down to Avon Park in Florida. It’s either coincidental or its supporting the exercise, but I’m leaning toward it being a support flight. WEEK 99 arrived at Hunter AAF later in the evening and the article linked above mentions 317th AW participation, so WEEK 99 could be exercise related and operating out of Hunter instead of Savannah.

I’ll be able to listen some tomorrow, but will back at work in Brunswick from Friday on and probably won’t much more of the exercise. I hope this helps if you want to try to listen in on the activity.

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