Sentry Savannah 2022 Week 2 Update and Photos; 9 May 2022

This morning I rode over to Savannah-Hilton Head IAP to get some photos of the fighters participating in Sentry Savannah 2022. It wasn’t the best morning for photos due to the overcast (just my luck on the only day I had the opportunity), but things did start to clear up as the last of the morning flights were coming back (also just my luck). It was disappointing to miss the F-117 that was here last week because I didn’t have a chance to get to the airport, but at least I was able to go this week and see F-35As in person for the first time. During the afternoon, I monitored the afternoon sorties from home and found what could be the frequency the 419th FW is using for ops and a frequency possibly in use as another 419th FW air-to-air. After the photos below, there’s an updated list of Sentry Savannah frequencies and callsigns. Just like I do with road trip reports, I close out with something on food.

Sentry Savannah Photos

The 157th FS F-16CMs are featured in the slideshow below. It appears that they are carrying HARM targeting pods and SNIPER pods.

The slideshow below features F-22As from the 43rd FS and the 192nd FW. Based on the tail numbers I saw this morning, it looks like the 192nd FW are flying 27th FS jets.

419th FW F-35As are featured in the slideshow below. Today was the first time I’ve seen F-35As in person. F-35Bs are a common sight in Coastal Georgia with VMFAT-501 based at MCAS Beaufort, but F-35As are rare visitors.

2nd FTS T-38As are in the slideshow below. Along with the 43rd FS F-22As, they have been participants in most of the Sentry Savannah exercises through the years.

The final slideshow is of some commercial aviation aircraft that landed before and between the Sentry Savannah arrivals.


As I mentioned above, while searching this afternoon, I came across two possible new frequencies. 315.125 sounded like it may be in use as 419th FW Ops and 271.650 may be in use a 419th FW air-to-air. For some reason, during today’s afternoon sortie, 316.300 wasn’t used as the Red Air fighter control, 349.700, a SEALORD frequency, was used instead.

119.100/257.800 – Savannah Tower
124.975/279.575 – Hunter AAF Tower
120.400/353.775 – Savannah TRACON
125.300/371.875 – Savannah TRACON
277.400/126.750 – Jax Center Brunswick Low
282.200/124.675 – Jax Center Jekyll Low
285.650/126.125 – Jax Center Statesboro High
363.200/132.925 – Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low

237.000 – ADC Ops
138.625 – ADC Ops
226.475 – ADC; 2nd FTS Ops
256.325 – ADC; 43rd FS/192nd FW Ops
315.125 – ADC? 419th FW Ops?
318.775 – ADC?; 157th FS Ops
228.000 – ADC?; 43rd FS Air-to-Air
231.000 – ADC?; 43rd FS Air-to-Air
233.200 – ADC?; 43rd FS Air-to-Air
234.200 – ADC?; 43rd FS Air-to-Air
242.100 – ADC?; 157th FS Air-to-Air
242.200 – ADC?; 157th FS Air-to-Air
242.400 – ADC?; 157th FS Air-to-Air
257.250 – ADC?; 157th FS Air-to-Air
242.600 – ADC?; 192nd FW Air-to-Air
245.200 – ADC?; 192nd FW Air-to-Air
335.750 – ADC?; 192nd FW Air-to-Air
244.250 – ADC?; 419th FW Air-to-Air
271.650 – ADC?; 419th FW Air-to-Air
320.600 – 2nd FTS Air-to-Air
363.775 – 157th FS Air-to-Air
234.800 – 159th FS Air-to-Air
141.675 – 117th ARW Air-to-Air

120.950/284.500 – SEALORD North Primary
313.700 – SEALORD North Secondary
133.950/267.500 – SEALORD South Primary
349.800 – W-137 Discrete
376.900 – W-137 Discrete
270.600 – SEALORD Discrete

288.400 – NORAD Discrete; Primary Check-In
235.900 – NORAD Discrete; Secondary Check-In
293.600 – NORAD Discrete; Fighter Control
316.300 – NORAD Discrete; Fighter Control
254.200 – NORAD Discrete; Aerial Refueling?
265.400 – NORAD Discrete; Aerial Refueling
274.400 – Aerial Refueling
278.000 – Aerial Refueling


HORNET ## (F-22A, 43rd FS)
STINGER ## (F-22A, 43rd FS)
HELLCAT ## (F-22A, 43rd FS)
SATAN ## (F-22A, 192nd FW)
DEMON ## (F-16CM, 157th FS)
SNAKE ## (F-16CM, 157th FS)
WEASEL ## (F-16CM, 157th FS)
FANG ## (F-15C, 159th FS)
BASH ## (F-22A, 192nd FW)
SATAN ## (F-22A, 192nd FW)
ALTA ## (F-35, 419th FW)
BEAGLE ## (T-38A, 2nd FTS)
DOG ## (T-38A, 2nd FTS)
KNIGHT 11 (F-117, 84-0828, USAF)
DIXIE ## (KC-135, 117th ARW)
PACK ## (KC-46A, 157th ARW)
WYLIE ## (KC-135R, 190th ARW)

If you missed seeing the F-117 last week like I did, here’s a great video of it taking off, landing, and taxiing at the Air Dominance Center from Epicaviation47.


The morning sorties didn’t finish landing until around 1130, so I decided to find something to eat while I was out by the airport. I was looking for a place new to eat and came across Pita Mediterranean Street Food near the Tanger Outlet Mall. I enjoy Mediterranean and Greek food, so I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed; the gyro was delicious (and I recommend getting the grilled vegetables instead of fries – they’re tasty and better for you!) and the service was quick and friendly. By time I left around noon, they were starting to get busy so they must be a fairly popular spot. If you’re a spotter or aviation enthusiast, this isn’t a bad place to stop for lunch; if you sit facing the parking lot you can see aircraft on the approach to Runway 10 at Savannah-Hilton Head IAP.

Gyro with grilled vegetables at Pita Mediterranean Street Food in Pooler, GA

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