Update: 3-17 CAV Transitioning from the AH-64D to the AH-64E

Almost two months ago, I posted about 3-17 CAV at Hunter AAF transitioning from the AH-64D Apache Longbow to the AH-64E Apache Guardian; at that time, they had 8 E-models, now they’re up to 18. Here’s a list of the tail numbers I’ve heard so far along with their Mode-S/ADS-B hex codes:

20-03325 (AE6C63)
20-03327 (AE6CA7)
20-03331 (AE6CAB)
20-03334 (AE6CAE)
20-03335 (AE6CAF)
20-03336 (AE6CB0)
20-03337 (AE6CB1)
20-03338 (AE6CB2)
20-03339 (AE6CB3)
20-03340 (AE6CB4)
20-03341 (AE6CB5)
20-03342 (AE6CB6)
20-03343 (AE6CB7)
20-03344 (AE6CB8)
20-00345 (AE6CB9)
20-03346 (AE6CBA)
20-03347 (AE6CBB)
20-03348 (AE6CBC)

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