New Propellers for the 165th Airlift Wing’s C-130Hs

Last week, a 165th AW posted on Instagram that one of their C-130Hs had received new propellers. The photos showed that C-130H3 94-7321 has been equipped with the Collins Aerospace NP2000 propellers that the US Navy’s C-2s and E-2s are using (it’s also planned to equip P-3s with them).

Based on the information in the post, 94-7321 is just the first one of the 165th AW’s C-130s to receive the NP2000s propellers; over the next year, the rest of them will get them as well. Keep your eyes on the skies for C-130s with eight bladed propellers instead of four bladed propellers; they won’t just look different, they’ll sound different, too.

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