F-15s and F-22s at the Savannah Air Dominance Center

Update: 10 June 2021 – A spotter report indicates that three of the F-22As are 27th FS and one is 94th FS, so I’m going to work off of the assumption that it is an element of the 27th FS at Savannah ADC.

Before I left the Savannah area for a north Georgia vacation this week, I heard F-15Cs from the 159th FW/122nd FS, Louisiana ANG and F-22As from what I think is the 43rd FS. The F-15s have been using JAZZ and REX, usual 159th FW/122nd FS callsigns. The F-22s have been using DEATH and DOOM, which I haven’t heard the 43rd FS use on previous visits to Savannah, but they have been using air-to-air frequencies that the 43rd FS has used on previous visits. I’m not sure what they’re in town for, but they did participate in an LFE (Large Force Exercise) off of the coast yesterday. That said, other than the two fight frequencies, it didn’t seem to conform to how Sentry Savannah exercises usually go.


  • JAZZ (F-15C, 159th FW/122nd FS)
  • REX (F-15C, 159th FW/122nd FS)
  • DEATH (F-22A, 27th FS?)
  • DOOM (F-22A, 27th FS?)


  • 261.200 – 159th FW/122nd FS Air-to-Air
  • 284.050 – 159th FW/122nd FS Air-to-Air
  • 256.750 – 27th FS Air-to-Air?
  • 352.100 – 27th FS Air-to-Air?

I’ll be in north Georgia through Friday and back in Savannah on Saturday. Hopefully they’ll still be around next week and I’ll have more opportunities to listen to them. Spotter reports should identify the F-22s soon.

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