3-17 CAV at Hunter AAF Transitioning to the AH-64E

3-17 CAV, the AH-64 Apache Attack Regiment of the 3rd Aviation Brigade at Hunter AAF is transitioning from the AH-64D Apache Longbow to the AH-64E Apache Guardian. The new E-models are gradually arriving to replace the D-models and at the same time, the unit is training their crews to transition to the E-model. The first examples arrived in April with more still arriving. At this time, there are at least eight of the new AH-64Es at Hunter AAF:

  • 20-03325 (ARMY 03325)
  • 20-03327 (ARMY 03327)
  • 20-03331 (ARMY 03331)
  • 20-03334 (ARMY 03334)
  • 20-03335 (ARMY 03335)
  • 20-03336 (ARMY 03336)
  • 20-03337 (ARMY 03337)
  • 20-03341 (ARMY 03341)

For the time being, you can still catch some D-models in the skies over Savannah but as time goes on, their numbers will decrease as more E-models arrive. So far, the new AH-64Es are flying a lot during the day as the unit continues to qualify their crews on the new aircraft.

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