Changes for the Better – A Personal Update and the Return of Military Monitoring Recaps

A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a medical condition that explained some of the feelings of depression and irritability (amongst other things) that I’ve experienced over the last year or so. I believe that those things were part (but not all) of what caused a struggle to stay interested in some of my hobbies and brought me to feel like my old blog was no longer fun and was too much like work. After that diagnosis, I was put on some medication that has me feeling better, more positive, and just generally enjoying things more.

While I’m not going to make this blog what my old one was, I have decided to bring back a feature of my old blog: the Military Monitoring Recaps. I’ve decided to do this for two reasons. First, other MilCom hobbyists found them useful and before I started thinking they were a chore, I found them to be a way to give back to the monitoring community that helped me so much when I first got interested in MilCom monitoring. Second, I found putting those recaps together helped me recognize trends and changes. Since they seemed to benefit both others and myself, I’ve started to think that bringing them back would be useful. The first one I post will be for March and it should post some time during the first week in April.

2 thoughts on “Changes for the Better – A Personal Update and the Return of Military Monitoring Recaps

  1. Depression is something I struggle with daily. I’m glad you’re overcoming it and coming back in a form. As a new hobbyist, I found your blog to be an amazing source of information. I’ve been slowly building my station here in Jacksonville to monitor the ranges and two bases. I’d love to know what software you’re using to log your ADSB military hits.

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    1. I use a RadarBox Flightstick and the AirNav RadarBox software, which logs the hexes it receives. For the most part, I just log the ones I’m interested in in a text file (the software alerts me to the ones I’m interested in based on hex code, aircraft type, registration, and various other fields). I generally don’t worry about what it picks up when I’m not in the shack monitoring unless I want to go back and see an aircraft or hex code’s history, then I can look at the software’s log.


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