Aviation Photography at Hunter AAF; 23 February 2021

The weather in Savannah was so lovely today that I decided to get out of the shack for a bit and do some aviation photography at Hunter AAF. I found a nice spot in one of the parking lots at Eisenhower Dr. and Hodgson Memorial Blvd. while some C-130s, a P-3C, and an MC-12S were in the pattern and got some photos of them along with a UH-60M and a couple of MH-65Ds that arrived at Hunter while I was there. All were on 124.975 with Hunter Tower while they were in the pattern or on approach; callsigns and bureau/tail numbers were:

  • NAVY LL 87 (P-3C, 161404, VP-30)
  • DAWG 12 (C-130H3, 94-7321, 165th AW)
  • SHADY 25 (MC-12S-2, 10-00742, 224th MI Bn)
  • ARMY 20370 (UH-60M, 11-20370, 4-3 AVN)
  • COAST GUARD 6536 (MH-65D, 6536, CGAS Savannah)
  • COAST GUARD 6568 (MH-65D, 6568, CGAS Savannah?)

I think that COAST GUARD 6568 is a new edition to USCG Air Station Savannah. I haven’t heard it in years and the last time I did hear it, it was with HITRON in Jacksonville. My ADS-B receiver, however, has picked up daily for the last three days so I’m guessing that it has rotated in as one of Air Station Savannah’s five MH-65Ds.

Considering that I haven’t shot very many photos of moving aircraft recently, I was pleased with how these came out. The second photo of the P-3 is probably the best P-3 photo I’ve ever taken and the MC-12S photos are the best MC-12 photos I’ve ever taken.

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