A Visit to the Valiant Air Command Museum

The last stop on my Florida Space Coast vacation was the Valiant Air Command Museum in Titusville at the Space Coast Regional Airport. The Valiant Air Command Museum is unique among the air museums that I’ve visited in that a considerable number of their aircraft are flyable and do fly. They also have several unique aircraft in their collection. Tom Reilly’s XP-82 Twin Mustang resides at the museum; I saw this aircraft when it undergoing restoration in Douglas, GA and it was good to see it as the finished product. They also have a Fouga Magister awaiting restoration that saw service with the Israeli Air Force during the 1967 Six-Day War; I can’t think of another US air museum where you’ll find something like it. I was surprised to see a RU-21 Cefirm Leader direction-finding aircraft; that’s also an aircraft I think you’d have a hard time finding elsewhere. Right now, they’re only open Friday-Sunday due to COVID-19, but they’re well worth visiting. I’d also recommend taking one of the tours guided by their knowledgeable docents – it really adds to the experience.

FM-1 Wildcat (BuNo 14994)
S-2 Tracker (BuNo 136433/N8114T) (Undergoing Restoration)
F-100D Voodoo (56-3434) (Undergoing Restoration)
Fouga Magister (Awaiting Restoration)
MIG-21UM (4820) – Awaiting Restoration
RU-21A Ute/Cefirm Leader (67-18113) (Awaiting Restoration)
TT.18 Canbera (WJ574)
C-47 Skytrain “Tico Belle” (42-100591/N3239T)
B-25J Mitchell “Killer Bee’ (44-86697/N62163)
TBM-3U Avenger (BuNo 91188/N108Q)
SBD-5 Dauntless (BuNo 36291)
F-86F Sabre (52-4959 painted as 53-1201/NX86FR)
MiG-17 (1423/NX17QS)
XP-82 Twin Mustang (44-83887/N887XP)
F9F-5 Panther (BuNo 125295)
F-11 Tiger (BuNo 141882)
F-4J Phantom II (BuNo 155563)
F-8K Crusader (BuNo 146985)
F-14A Tomcat (BuNo 161134)
A-6E Intruder (BuNo 162182)
A-7 Corsair II (BuNo 153135)
TA-4J Skyhawk (BuNo 152867 painted as BuNo 158722)
F/A-18A Hornet (BuNo 161948)
F-5E Tiger II (74-1519)
F-100D Super Sabre (56-3434)
F-105D Thunderchief (60-0492)
F-16A Fighting Falcon (78-0024)

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